WonderjamLive #26 Christmas Special featuring Ramoz

This Friday at WonderJam Live we have Ramoz, the artist that blew us away at one of our jam sessions, we had to have him back. 

Born in Angola and Cape Verde and raised in Portugal and Sweden, Ramoz started writing poetry at only 13 years old. 

When a friend brought him to a neighborhood studio and threw him in front of a microphone at only 16 years old, his rhymes flew to beats effortlessly and everyone present instantly recognized his raw talent.  

Through the years Ramoz perfected his craft and his freestyle can be likened to that of a seasoned jazz musician.  His sound can be described as a blend of Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Andre 2000. Rather than calling himself a rapper, Ramoz feels that he is a musician. 

The new EP will be dropping in early 2021! 

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