Summer Session #1 – Kung Knas & Gonza Beats + Secret Soul Society

After a long winter in the underground, Wonderjam Live moves up in freedom and invites you to Wonderjam Summer sessions!

First out, we have the honor to present Kung Knas & Gonza and Secret Soul Society live @ Q!

The event is thus presented in collaboration with our favorite scene Kulturhuset Q in central Bergshamra.
First, there will be a day party outdoors next to Kulturhuset Q with a Latin American theme from 3 pm. Then food and drinks will be served, and summer live music, DJ and dance will be served. Wonderband is of course present with their instruments for jam and spontaneous guest performances.

At 19:30, Q opens up its fine live music scene for concerts with our heavy acts Kung Knas & Gonza and Secret Soul Society.Fruity rum drinks are offered before and after the concerts in Q’s lounge bar.

This happens on a Friday and hence it is Wonderjam Live, so after the concerts there will of course be a spontaneous mash-up jam with our artists and Wonderband!

To participate in the event, you need to register via the following link

https: // /…/ 1FAIpQLSceFhvKDtl … / viewform …

Then you will also automatically become a support member in our new association Wonderjam Live.

We have big plans for the rest of the summer at outdoor parties and concerts, and a festival is now in the works as well. As a member of the association Wonderjam Live, in addition to this event, you will also be invited to participate in our upcoming events!
There are limited places for the concert and we are now releasing 50 tickets in advance:

SEK 100 advance ticket
SEK 140 also includes a drink and a piece of food.
Swisha for the option that suits you best to 070-0130640.

When you have filled in the membership list and paid, we will send your tickets before the event to the email you specified in the forms.
If there is space, it is also possible to pay at the door for concerts and the subsequent party throughout the day and evening.
During the evening we also celebrate 1 year birthday for Wonderjam! 

Afterparty and jam in the studio The wonder night and morning long is to be expected.

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