Filly taking the stage!

Stream available via this link

The 21 year old Swedish rap star Filly has already managed to make a name for himself with his highly acclaimed single “Ingenting”. which made it on Spotify’s New Music Friday and 100 list. 

His sound, described as a fusion of Soul, Gospel and Hip Hop has caught the ears of music lovers and journalists alike. Per Sinding Larsen commended the young artist’s unique approach to music and creativity. 

In spite of his recent appearance as a solo artist, Filly has plenty of experience backing up his oder cousin Abidaz  on stage. 

Filly blew us away at one o our recent jams and we were also impressed that he personally wrote and envisioned the music video for his debut “Ingenting”, which talks about creating a future “when you come from nothing”. 

Tune in this Friday! 

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