Anthony Mills is Toni Sauna

Anthony Mills has his origins in Akron, Ohio by way of Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and Lake Charles, Louisiana.Forged in 1990’s NYC, but sharpened by Godmother Cleo, Sandra Schlub, BDP, Mr. Harry Belafonte, Grace Bumbry, Betty Allen, Gabor Carelli, and Xterminator in Kingston, Jamaica.
He now resides in Stockholm, Sweden having earned his name inside one of Helsinki, Suomi’s old school public saunas. Anthony Mills shape shifted out of his Wildcookie persona (a duo completed by Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire) to embody this complete albeit unfinished microphone controller Toni Sauna.
Toni Sauna is in that ether now, drip feeding yourpsyche with anti-testosterone rap vaccine lyricisms following 2020’s year of singles and back to black EP’s certainly ”Evil” and ”Dead Flour”. Now things change up as we roll out the full length, and an ode ofimmoral support for the First Lady – Denise Huxtable, and her real life persona, Lisa Bonet The latest debut album, “Denise” will cold slither through your speakers this ’21 fall.
The Wonderband is getting ready for tomorrows rehearsal and we promise you it’s gonna get funky and deep.

Check out one of his videos:

Tune in at 9 pm (CET)
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